When you are traveling to Santorini, it is advisable that you pack lightly. Especially during summer, the temperatures are quite high and you will need your bathing suit and light clothes, along with your sandals and a hat.
Suntan lotion and sunglasses should be your best friends throughout your stay here.
However, some nights tend to be cooler and there is a sweet breeze that allows you to cool off from a hot day in the sun. So, you should also get a jacket or a sweater to keep you warm. 
Comfortable shoes will help you to stroll up and down the cobbled pathways from Imerovigli to the villages nearby. Leisurely walks enable you to discover the hidden gems of nature all around Santorini, so you should have a camera with you at all times for capturing great moments. Transportation is quite affordable, whether you wish to rent a car, a bike or any other vehicle or you want to use the public means of transportation. Frequent buses will get you to Oia, Fira and anywhere else you wish to go at reasonable price rate. 
The currency in Santorini is Euro, since Greece is a part of the EU. There are ATMs throughout the island, 24/7 for your convenience. As for travel documents, you are generally encouraged to have your passport with you. Still, if you are an EU resident, you will be able to travel to Santorini with your ID card. A driver’s license is of course necessary, should you decide to rent a vehicle and drive on the island. Beware of the bumpy roads, though. 
In general, Santorini is a famous destination worldwide and there are always travelers enjoying its distinctive character. You may relax and schedule the perfect activities for you, such as hiking and biking, water sports or even sailing. Everything is amazing in Santorini and a last piece of advice – lay back and enjoy the sunset from a privileged spot with a view, you will be lost for words!
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