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Exploring the Wonders of Greek Gastronomy
Mediterranean diet has been proven to be exceptionally healthy, promoting the use of seasonal fruits and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, legumes, low fat dairy and nuts. In Greece and specifically in Santorini, you will find a wide selection of high quality ingredients, combined to perfection for the most delicious dishes that you have ever tried out. On the island of Santorini, you will find some special products that only grow there, thanks to the distinctive soil and weather conditions. And the result is simply amazing!
A special variety of cherry tomatoes, called tomataki, will delight you from the very first bite. The flavor is intense, the aromas are purely wonderful. Taste them in a splendid Greek salad with cucumbers, feta cheese, caper and oregano, topped with olive oil of the finest quality and you will be blown away! Alternatively, fried tomato balls make the perfect appetizer for a healthy and hearty meal by the sea. Fava is another ingredient that will fascinate you right from the start, with its taste and texture.
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White eggplants are especially grown in Santorini and have become a substantial part of the local cuisine. Try them out roasted in the oven with other vegetables or in the famous moussaka, for a feast of flavors! Of course, we cannot forget the local wineries that produce great wine varieties, exported globally. Assyrtiko, Nychteri and Vinsanto are the most wonderful wine options for every meal, whether you prefer sweet or sour tastes. You may join a wine tasting tour and learn the secrets of wine making from the experts!
Enjoy the masterpieces of Theran cuisine, tasting original flavors and smelling the aromas of nature in every dish. You will fall in love with dining by the sea or admiring the caldera views from above. Greek gastronomy at its best, in Santorini!
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